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Vote Lordi


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I dislike the Eurovision contest, mainly because they rarely have anything else to show other than shitty pop music and men in tights. BUT this year, it's going to be different. Finland has entered with a band called, Lordi, which plays nothing other than Heavy Metal, and goes on stage wearing demonic outfits (kind of a lame finnish version of SlipKnot). So, all you metal-heads and those who follow, vote Lordi for this years Eurovision!




NB. No, I'm not finnish, so this is not a trick :p

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Sounds about as much to my taste as a heavy metal band that dresses up as demons. lol.gif


My call for a vote to Lordi isn't neccesarily because it's metal, more because it gives the traditional snobs of the Eurovision contest a good 'shake' :p

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