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Jan - After Being Petrified

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Running FixPack Alpha7 with the latest G3Tweaks for BG2.


Alrighty - had noticed this with Mazzy in an unmodded game. Someone gets petrified. You get the scroll and unpetrify them and then you get the message 'so and so has nothing to say to you.'


This just happened to me with Jan - was a little too slow in disarming a trap and he got petrified. Went to a temple & bought the stone to flesh scroll. Cast it on Jan. Now Jan has 'nothing to say to me'. Had to Ctrl-Q him into the party but the kickout dialog no longer works. Kicked him out in the Slums District as I wanted him closer to home when I wantd to pick up a new npc but still the same "noting to say" - no kickout dialog.


I think this is an original Bioware bug.

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