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Making a "x of free action".


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Im trying to make a boot of free action. Ive added the "protection from opcode" entries, but they do not seem to be working........i can still get affected by the hold person spell for example. What am i missing?


P.S.All the variables are correct.

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What kind of hold? Free action is surprisingly difficult to do. The ring of free action, post-fixpack, has all these effects:

  • Immunity to spells: spcl522, spin828, spin977, spin983, spwi305, spwi312, spwi613, spwish25, spwm164.
  • Immunity to opcodes: haste (16), slow (40), stun (45), hold cre (109), movement rate bonus (126), entangle overlay (154), web overlay (157), grease overlay (158), hold cre type (175).
  • Prevent portrait icon: held(13), haste (38), slow (41), stun (55), webbed (129), entangled (144), grease (145).
  • Movement rate bonus (126): set to 100%
  • Disable Display String: Held (14102), stunned (1280),
  • Free Action
  • Display portrait icon: free action (19)
  • Immunity to specific animation: spmindat, spflayer

As Grim says, it's easier to copy an item with the desired effects and then re-purpose it. :p

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I have added protection from opcode 109 which is listed as "hold". I have not added removal of potrait icons or stuff like that, as from my understand, that doesnt actually prevent the effect.


I didnt add 175....which is odd as i remember going through the ring of free action and adding the numbers from it.


185 is a hold code? Its not listed in IEEP though(but then, lots of things arent). Added just in case.

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opcode 185 is also a hold opcode :)
NearInfinity dubs this "Hold creature 2" -- the way it's used in-game, I believe BioWare wanted a second hold effect that worked around normal hold immunity (it's only used for spells holding undead, spells that don't actually "hold" like Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, and special effects like HELL_HOLD). This is why the fixpack doesn't add immunity to it. That said, some of the default spells (both kit abilities and bonuses, and player-castable spells), do provide immunity to hold creature 2, so who knows?


Keep in mind that Hold Creature does not have any additional attached effects. Both Hold Creature Type and Hold Creature 2 hold the creature, apply the Held portrait icon, display the Held string, and give the affected creature a brief (yellow) character color pulse. Also, Web Effect Overlay not only applies the web visual, but also holds the affected creature (even without any corresponding hold effect).

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Once again, I'll say: use existing items. Or as you've chosen not to in this case, look up the information from an existing item (i.e. load up the ring of free action in DLTCEP). There's no point reinventing the wheel.

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Attempted to save the item changes, only to get "you opened it as read only!". Wtf? I didnt select to open it as read only.


I believe there's a tickbox somewhere in settings or when you open the file that says 'open as read only' and it is ticked by default to stop you from fucking your game up. I don't know exactly where as its been a while since I've used DLTCEP.

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