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PPG: Baldur's Gate Unfinished Business v1 Released

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Similar to its BG2 cousin, BG1 Unfinished Business ("BG1UB") is designed to restore many of the cut items, quests, dialog, and encounters from the game's final release, as well as try to tie up some of the "loose ends."


More detailed information can be attained from the mod's readme and forum (links below).


Here is what is included in version 1:

  • Ice Island Level Two Restoration
  • The Mysterious Vial
  • Additional Elminster Encounter
  • Angelo Notices Shar-teel
  • Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest
  • Coran and the Wyverns
  • Kivan and Tazok
  • Branwen and Tranzig
  • Safana the Flirt
  • Appropriate Albert and Rufie Reward
  • Place Entar Silvershield in His Home
  • Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter
  • Quoningar, the Cleric
  • Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi
  • Edie, the Merchant League Applicant
  • Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements
  • Creature Corrections
  • Creature Restorations
  • Creature Name Restorations
  • Minor Dialog Restorations
  • Audio Restorations
  • Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations
  • Item Corrections and Restorations
  • Area Corrections and Restorations
  • Permanent Corpses
  • Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Immunity
  • The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections
  • Sarevok's Diary Corrections

Download: http://www.pocketplane.net/bg1ub

Readme: http://mods.pocketplane.net/readmes/BG1UB-Readme.html

Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/board,79.0.html


NB: A separate Tutu version of the mod will be released soon.

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