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Making a item of knock


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Oh. Well, this should work: Give the item a 'while equipped' grant special ability, and as a parameter that should have the name of a new knock spell (so while its equipped it gives the special ability). This new knock spell will be a copy of the original knock spell except when its cast, it grants special ability itself (i.e. when you cast it, it adds itself again).


I think that'll work but its when you do strange shit like this that you uncover little quirks in the engine that don't do exactly what you expect.


Edit: Oh and for the record, that's an obscenely overpowered item.

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You have the icon set to SPWI207 - this image does not exist (which is probably a major factor in why no image shows up)

Try setting it to SPWI207A.


On a side note - the Check function in DLTCEP will tell you about this error, and lots of others. So use it please.

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Is there any reason why you want this to appear in the special abilities section rather than the item abilities section? Because if you want the latter, once again I recommend copying an existing item and changing paramters one by one. That way when/if it stops working, you know the exact step that caused the problem.

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