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A Fond Farewell


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Guys, I came to the community some 5 years ago, a girl with a dream to make Kivan's Romance. Many things had changed since then, and many projects were worked on, chatted about and abandonned.


Alas, life changes. Due to the RL circumstances, I am finding it more and more difficult to find time and enthusiasm for modding. In fact, I just calculated, that I had done any honest modding work for almost 2 months. I think, that it is fair to say, that at this point, the most honest and honorable thing to do is to upload what materials I was holding up and wish good luck and many wonderful years to the community at large and my teammates. Which I am going to do asap. I would like to emphasise, that what work I had done is public domaine and can be used by the respective project teams at their convenience. I hope that leaves no hard feelings.


I have spent a few wonderful years first at the Studios, and then here, at G3, and I don't feel bad about spending all that time and energy. Here is to the bigger and better mods, and I am sorry that I won't see some of the projects I was watching over the years, such as Durlyle, Aklon, Alaundo's Prophecy, World Transition, Eranon, Aliz, Mary-Sue, Xan ToB, that Jester mod that is so vague but funny, and probably a few of others which I appologize for leaving out.


I am happy that I have seen the release of UB-BG1 at least, and would like to take my time to congratulate Ice and Co for persisting there! And thanks Meira for having such high quality of betas on Amber that it felt just like playing a long-time released mod!


Have a jolly good time, guys and gals, and be excellent to each other :p

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Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Before you go, let me say thank you for your contributions to the BGI NPC project - you and the others who made it were responsible for getting me interested in Baldur's Gate again. Oh, and it was your writing that made me play with Kivan in Baldur's Gate for the first time. Farewell and good luck.

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I'm sorry to hear that! It was you and BG1 NPC that first got me coding...


I hope you'll still be on messenger programs for the occassional chat, and wish you all the best for the coming months. :p In the meantime we'll try to carry on your sterling work in BG1 NPC.

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Well Domi, it's been a lot of fun and you've done some great work. It's sad to see you go, but make sure to drop by for a quick hello when time allows, we'll all be happy to see you.



Good luck with everything in the future. :p

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Three times now I've tried to write a response in this thread and I haven't come up with something decent to say (I hate writing goodbye messages). So i'll simply wish you all the best and I hope parenthood treats you well.

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Hey, we can still share a virtual enchilada :p Thank you everyone for your warm replies and well wishes! With luck I hope to get a bit of time to at least play all the great games that are collecting dust on my bookshelves. I'll also try to get on the messanger once the things ease up a bit in our igloo, promise!


P.S. So, have you heard that Jade Empire is to be ported to PC by the good folks at Bio? Hope, that and KOTOR is enough to compensate for NWN fiasco.

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