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Any way to install Refinements HLAs minus clerics


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I know this has been brought up before, but I'm trying to get this resolved so that all my installed mods work well together. I also appreciate that this isn't the Refinements board, but bigg comes here often, and maybe someone else can offer a solution.


Referring to the part in the DR readme that says 'This mod will conflict with cleric and druid HLA tables from Refinements, as Divine Remix uses its own tables.' is there any way to install Refs HLAs for all classes except these two?


Installing DR then Refs HLAs doesn't work too well e.g. I have one 'Divine Shell' spell at level 6 and another at level 7. It's all a little messy, so I'd like to remove the cleric and druid HLA parts from Refs, and leave them to DR. All the other HLA parts from Refs I like, so would like to keep them if possible.

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Remove the files Refinements/Hlab/Cleric/copy/*.2da, Refinements/Hlab/Druid/copy/*.2da and Refinements/Hlab/Multiclass/copy/{LUCM0.2DA, LUCR0.2DA, LUCT0.2DA, LUFC0.2DA, LUFD0.2DA, LUFMC.2DA} and reinstall Refinements.


(the 'can't install refs before DR' part is a WeiDU + Refs bug, which I should fix sooner or later).

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Thanks. I'll take a look at that when I've got time.


While I think of it, is there any way to remove the 'Holy Aura' (paladin HLA) effect that plays every round? Are there any other HLAs that have a similar repeating visual effect?

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Bigg, thanks again for your help.


I have many other questions (sorry about that), so I think it'd be best to make a new thread at SHS. Perhaps you could take a look when you have time. It'll probably take me a little while to post the thread.

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