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Has anyone done a review of the new DR spells?


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Has anyone played with the new spells in DR? Are they all worth using? Any that are excellent? Any crap ones? What are everyone's faves?


Also, can I get a list of all the new spells? I did do a search but couldn't find any such list.


I've noticed in my game that Jaheria can't cast Animal Summoning III. In fact, I don't think any of the clerics I've made could. I do have BG1-Style Summoning Spells from D0Tweak installed (does that make a difference?).

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There are few other posts from me about some minor issues with some of the spells.


Nothing I've done is an in-depth review like Xyx's BG2 Spell Reference.


I'm pretty sure I've got Alicorn Lance to fire off. Hard to tell because it isn't visually very impressive.


Faerie Fire also seems to work as advertised, altough I'd like to see some of the effects that CamDawg has commented out in the .tp2 to be completed.


Curse is another one that occassinonally gets fired off, but again, not very visually impressive, so it isn't necessarily something you would notice.


The Firewalker of Kossuth's innate appears to work fine. IIRC it allows you to create a ?Morning Star? that does fire damage and improves a bit as you level up.


Same with Chakram's of Shar.


Above all, I'd like to see custom icons for the innates. A tall order I know because of the difficulty of finding someone to create the bams, but it would just ice the cake.




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