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New NPC Idea


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Hello! I want to show you my new NPC idea. He's so interesting... There is only one NPC on modding scene, which looks like him.. Bruce :p


My NPC is alcoholic, rapist, burglar, thug and murderer. And he's evil.



Barbarian (5lvl) / Thief (6+ level)

Dualclas, class with+ is progressing


Chaotic evil




Strength 17

Dexterity 17

Constitution 15

Wisdom 8

Inteligence 9

Charisma 9


Weapon profinences:

2* Dagger

2* Club

2* Crossbow

(I know, I've don't give him all thief profinency points, but I've do that for game rebalancing. Check Anomen)


And something about him? He's fallen barbarian, who travel to city, and start live there. Now he's drunker, barfighter without honour and virtue...


But hm... I'm not enough good in bant writing. I'm looking for someone to dialog writing :p


And one thing. It isn't project for peoples who like *sweet heroes* etc. Why? You will see that later.


If anyone want help, send me PM.

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