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Stronghold Choice

Guest jtav

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Guest jtav

Is there a way to give a single class character a choice between two strongholds ala a multi-class characters? Specifically, is there a way to allow paladins to choose either the Order or the De'Arnise keep as a stronghold?

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Basically you'd want to:


COPY_EXISTING ~nalia.dlg ~override~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("PlayerHasStronghold","GLOBAL",0) 
Class(Player1,FIGHTER_ALL)~ ~Global("PlayerHasStronghold","GLOBAL",0) 
Global("PlayerHasStronghold","GLOBAL",1)~ ~OR(3)


That code may not be perfect, as I can't remember what the formatting of a series of actions looks like when you decompile a .dlg file. But that's basically it.

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