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Error During install, and component questions


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Completely new to tutu here, I'm currently installing components from this mod, and there are some i dont see mention of in the readme or anywhere else.


If someone could explain the following i'd appreciate it :)


Female Romance Challenges - What is this exactly?


Romance speeds - Is this the real-time wait between each banter?


Then there's the errors, i'm getting the following problems


Placeholder 1: New Quests component:


In the middle of the copying and patching, an unnerving


WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~InParty<"Jaheira"> !Dead<"Jaheira">~: Failure ("lexing: empty token">


3 times


Then, in the Dynaheir Romance Core component:


WARNING: cannot verify action ~SetGlobal<"DynaheirRomanceInactive",GLOBAL",1>~:Failure<"lexing: empty token">

WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~Global<"HeRashemi",GLOBAL",1>~:Failure<lexing: empty token">


The second one going twice.


Then in Xan's Romance Core:


WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~Global<"KnowBhaal",GLOBAL",1>~: Failure <lexing: empty token">




And the Player Initiated Dialogues component is literally filled with errors.


WARNING: cannot verify trigger ~RandomNum<8,*> InParty<Edwin> !Dead<Edwin> Global<"ALED2","LOCALS",1>~: Not_found


that one occurs 8 times, the * in RandomNum<8,* being numbers from 1-8.


Now, I suppose this might be my fault, and that ive done something wrong, so i'll say exactly what I did to make it easier for you to help.


First I installed bg1 and 2, full installs, both patched, then I ran easytutu, successfully making a new tutu folder, i tried to run it and it worked just fine. Then I installed Degreenifier, NPCKits, Tutufix, and Tututweaks in that order, before i installed your mod. I dont see what I could have done wrong, unless installing the mods into the actual Tutufolder program files/BaldursGateTutu was wrong.


Will these errors screw up my game?

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Hello -


It is better practice to install BG1NPC before Tutu-Tweaks.


Many of the issues you have documented are listed here, and are the fault of some minor coding errors in v11 of BG1NPC. I suspect the reason that they are just coming to light is that the newest versions of WeiDU are catching the errors during compilation / TP2 processing. The reason you saw them is that by installing Tutu-Tweaks first, you introduced one of those newer versions of WeiDU to your EasyTutu folder, which caused it to be used for the installation of BG1NPC, when you got around to that.


I suspect that you're OK to continue. Yes, they are errors, but many people have played v11 of the mod with generally happy results. I'm pretty sure the BG1NPC folks are aware of the issues and will have them corrected as of v12.

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Yes indeed, Macready is absolutely correct.


Order of install should always have TutuTweaks second to last and TutuGUI absolutely last. Tweaks needs to modify the content of all of the mods on the installation, and can't step forward in time and fix up mods installed after it.


Unless you are planning on keeping Coran in your party, none of these errors will harm your game. If you truly want Coran around, then please PM or email me -- we could use some good alpha-testers, so you could use an internal version of v12 which fixes Coran, and confirm for us that it works!


Female Romance Challenges - What is this exactly?

Female romance challenges are added content for female <CHARNAME>s who are romancing male party members (for example, Coran and Ajantis both think you are just peachy, and get into tiffs over you). Without spoilers, I can say that without the player being female (character in-game, not player at the computer :) ) and both Coran and Ajantis in the party, this component is not necessary/has no effect.


Romance speeds - Is this the real-time wait between each banter

Well, it is the real-time wait between incrementing the LT variable, which is a long fancy way of saying it is the minimum time between lovetalks; that does not mean that if you install Dynaheir's 30 minute scripts that you could set your clock by it!

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---edited--- cmorgan answered this while I was typing my post.


Thanks for the help guys, I'll reinstall my tutu properly, dont wanna risk any irritating bugs a few hours into the game :)

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Well, i'd be happy to help out with testing, unfortunately I'm going for an evil party this time around, so I most likely wont have Coran around, and my character will most likely be male to see what shar-teel has to say :)

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