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gtimes.ids improvement

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Okay, so I got my NPC walking around and I made a timer using hours. However, it happens to be that for some goofy reason an umodded game's gtimes.ids can not handle this... Now I want to use more timers using this, now I can either fix the darn thing myself or... use the same codes as either G3FixPack or G3TweakPack (I don't know which pack imolements the hours (and minutes) into gtimes.ids). I request the later the one for compatibility (so that my codes do not differ from the one made by G3) and so I don't have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak. May I be so bold as to ask. May I borrow this code, giving credit to G3, and use it in my mod and if yes (for which I would be very happy) will somebody be so kind as to tell me how to implement it (or is it just putting a new gtimes.ids in the override folder instead of 'appending' the file)?


Thanks in advance :)



The Deathsangel

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