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Yo homie, are you lying to me?

Guest Adahn

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Guest Adahn

Sorry for not reproducing the exact dialogue, but I have both Khalid and Jaheira in my party, and they both talk about the first time they met after I ask them about it.


One of them (can't remember) says they met at a party. The other says he/she has been saved during an adventure. Which is it? Kind of a major discontinuity.

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Guest marbre

Khalid is the one that talks about the rescue. Another confusing part about that dialogue is his interjection about being tortured. It can be read as if Gorion and Jaheira are the ones who tortured him.

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I quickly scanned dialogues, and I think, you'll need to be more specific where you see the contradiction. The dialogues I see are:


Initiated by Jahera, dialogue with PC participation (the one where they remeber meeting at a ball), it starts with:


~Had Gorion ever shown you much of the forests and taught you about Nature?


there, Jaheira and Khalid are in a bit of disagreement about who was the shy one, and Jaheira sais:


I found him surprisingly charming, and we got to know each other better...


She does not specify under which circumstances (ie Khalid capture/rescue and subsequent healing) they did get to know each-other better.


The dialogue between Khalid and Jaheira only recounts Khalid's proposing to Jahiera, not meeting her, Jaheira initiated, starts with:

~What is it, Khalid? Flowers?


Then there is a dialogue between Kalid and Jahiera, initiated by Khalid, where they talk about tortures. It does not go into details of their meeting, and starts with:

~Jaheira, I dreamt a dream last n-night... a bad dream.~

Khalid/Jaheira's lines about torture read:


== ~_BKHALI~ ~Maybe it was not that. I am n-not sure. I saw... saw d-dark places and pain. You w-were not around. But I w-was glad for that, since I thought – if you are not there, th-they cannot harm you.~

== ~_BJAHEI~ ~And I am free to come to your rescue. Like we did last time, Gorion and I.~


Is that the line that you think hints at Gorion and Jahiera torturing Khalid? I am not sure how it can possibly give such an impression, to be honest.


The only other time I can see that Khalid talks about torture, is when he interjects with the Torturing Ogre in Baldur's gate Sewers, and that one does not have any mentioning of Jaheira and Gorion.


So, you'll need to specify for me, if we are talking about the same dialogues, or you've spotted the issue in another one, that is not coming up on my quick scan.


Please, provide the following details: who initiated the dialogue: Jahiera, Khalid or PC. Was the PC a participant of this dialogue? Can you quote any line at all from the dialogue? Was it a dialogue or an interjection (ie someone said something in the middle of a non-joinable NPC talking)?


Thanks in advance!

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Guest Guest

Sure thing; this was a conversation started by the PC, asking Khalid about his past. Khalid responds, "Well I was a b-bastard child, born to an elven concubine <snip> it came to pass that I became a Harper and when captured b-by some evildoers, I was narrowly saved by Gorion and J-Jaheira. Th-they tortured me... and Jaheira... she nurtured me back to health..."


If I remember the rules of grammer correctly, doesn't the pronoun "they" refer to the object immediately before it? Of, course it doesn't make sense that Gorion and Jaheir would torture him only to have Jaheira nurse him back to health. But I think the sentence structure is a little awkward.

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Yes, that "they" is better re-cast.


The consisteny of Khalid-Jaheira's story is however maintained, but provided to you in a patchwork that allows the player to fill in the gaps in a few dialogues:


When you ask Jaheira straightforwardly about how they first met, Jaheira replies directly, at a ball, that they both attend on (suggested: Harper's) bussiness. There they do slightly more than the call of duty, ie chat and have a bit of a good time. Then Jaheira suggests that afterwards the "got to know each-other better". She did not give you any details on how that happened.


Enter Khalid's Player-Initiated Chat. In this chat, you can only recieve the more personal information if you try relatively hard (ie use your strong stat to make Khalid more friendly to you, or got plain lucky. You have 20% chance to see this piece of dialogue without using your strong stat, and 50% chance with the strong stat). Khalid gives you a quick run-down of just how exactly they got to know each-other better: ie Gorion and Jahiera, as a result of Harper's activity came to Khalid's rescue, and Jaheira looked after Khalid afterwards. That contact eventually led them to realize the seriousness of their feelings, and they got married.


A banter about the "anniversary" gives a bit more colorful details on their guesses as to whom it was that captured Khalid and Khalid's persistence.


The rest of the banters and Jahiera's quest add yet more texture to how their relationship work, how it is interpreted by the other characters, and contain hints that Jahiera used to have a boyfriend in her times in the Grove, prior to joining the Harpers, but the relationship did not last; Khalid according to another banter, also was not entirely unattractive to women in his past.


In other words, put together, it is a normal story of a relationship, that save for the exciting Secret Society high adventure happens every day: a boy and a girl have a life where they have some romantic experiences; then they meet someone special; something happens that brings them together for a slightly longer period of time, and they gradually come to realize, that this is a real thing. As a result they marry and develop their own couple's dynamic.

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