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He drops the Fish!


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Today is rant day...


I have to admit that as I learn OCaml I become less and less enamored with it. Please, give me PERL! I know it would be 2-3 times slower, but so what? These modding utilities aren't running in real time.


Of course PERL would be much worse for all the binary data processing (pack/unpack is lame), but for all the regex, text file I/O, hashing and string operations it would be a lot better.


And aside from having to write so many more lines of code, I'm really not too crazy about fighting with ML syntax.


It could be that the code I'm hacking is badly structured to begin with. Bad code in any language will leave a lasting bad impression. If I ever have the energy, I might see if I can fix this a bit.

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Ah, I'm really sorry for dropping out-of-sight for so long. It's the usual story that RL has been interfering with other things. But I'm not one to loose hope, especially when it comes to things like this :)


At work I was doing an excessive amount of programming and it was really tough to want to do this afterwards, but things have lightened up on that particular front, so I may have some time now.

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