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Canonical effects list


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I added Haste2 (should complete the list), and clarified that effects are not data members, elements, or values (despite the way I chose to represent them), but are individual classes (of the form CGameEffectFxName()).

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Well, right now, i'm more curious about CGameEffectKnock :)

There is apparently a separate method for knocking on actors and doors.

GemRB has the same method because both actors and doors are members of the scriptable class.

I've checked the function tables but found no method for knocking on doors...

I see 2 ways how they implemented it:

1. hardcoded the knock effect in doors

2. there is another object for Knock


Both of these appear to be just too fishy.

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The persistent effects (that I could find; applies to TotSC and SoA/ToB)


I didn't look at Knock; it appears that Identify is handled in a similar fashion when passed an object of type CGameSprite (an actor object).

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181: CGameEffect->RestrictEquipItemType

Does this opcode actually work? I've tried using it before (it's marked with ***UNTESTED***) and nothing ever seems to happen. I've tried it with durations set to "Permanent after death", "Permanent" and "Duration" but nothing ever seems to happen - I can still equip the item type . . .


Any ideas?

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As far as anyone knows, #181, 182, and 183 are non-functional (at least, not functional in any way that anybody has been able to determine).


They exist in TotSC, so they may work there, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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I can only promise they'll work in gemrb :)

I think only one effect from the 4 similar effects (restricting items by resref) works.

Looking in IE, the effects themselves do register stuff, they add something to the character but this addition isn't checked when an item is equipped.

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Excellent work.

My main question from this list is - how far should I go with renaming the effects in the IESDP?

I guess "Creature uninterruptible" should be renamed, but some of the other names in this list make more sense than the IESDP names IMO, but, altering too many will confuse people (who seem to have trouble finding things as it is).

I could add a load of "previously known as xxx" all over the place, but I think that sucks.

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If it's already known what the effect does, I wouldn't bother renaming them.


If the name is wrong (like creature uninterruptible), it should definitely be changed. Some of them may also be noted (in the description, I guess), like the slow poison vs. remove intoxication (especially since it doesn't seem to do anything at the moment).


For the most part, I don't think it's essential to match the BioWare names, just that we know what everything does (or doesn't) do. I do like the BioWare names better, but at this point, I think too many changes will just confuse people (as you suggest).


Can you also fix the CRASH effects? They're all listed as #61 (or whatever the alchemy one is; 0x3d or something).


It's up to you whether you want to give Immunity to sequester its name, or just leave it as CRASH (as far as I know, it always crashes, and I can't tell from the name anything about what it might have been meant to do).

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From what I see in the game, the dice values are used in effect #179, to determine the extra (and random) damage inflicted on the creature type. This might eliminate the need of using them in external .eff files (since you can set the dice values to 2D1 in order to always get a +2 bonus).



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