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Special case entries in .mus files.


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No idea if anybody's interested in such minor details, but here goes:


The mus file format description mentions SPC1 as a special case that can be in all playlists:

In IWD and BG2 there is also used one special acm file (SPC1.acm)

First, I don't have that file in IWD, so either it's a mistake or there are different versions out there.

In total, I've found the following special cases - and by special cases I mean that an entry with that name isn't looked for in the same directory as the rest of the playlist, but a particular location instead:

Silent acms found in the base `Music' directory: SPC.acm (Torment), SPC1.acm (Torment, BG2)

Silent acm found in `Music/MX0000': MX0000A.acm (IWD2) - referenced as `MX0000A'

Non-silent acm found in `Music/MX9000A': MX9000A.acm (IWD) - referenced as `MX9000A'


Additionally, I don't think there's any mention that the loop entry, at least, may reference music from another directory, though off the top of my head I can only recall that actually being done in BG2's Blank.mus, which goes like this:


There are a number of others that specify it, but they all give the same base directory as the rest of the playlist.

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