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General Viccy debate...


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I definately can’t see anything wrong with taking an original character and wanting to explore how she would develop given a new or different perspective. I could see how claiming that Viconia will be something like a lawful good bard would be annoyingly inconsistent to people who have taken to her character. But, as you already said, no one is being forced to download these mods.


Anyway, whatever happened to “creative license� There are millions of fan-fictions out there that differ from my ideas of original characters and many even outright contradict with the true author’s intents. How are mods any different? If you want stability then stick with the official texts/campaigns, and even these aren’t infallible. One issue I have with this approach is that the writers of the official material are trying to appeal to a large and diverse audience, hence, the characters often lack a certain dynamic because they can’t afford to be too personal and thus potentially too offensive to some people. What you’re left with are some very good ideas for NPC’s that never quite get developed to their full capabilities.

Like I said, I don’t see any problem with adding some colour to the many grey areas of these characters. Even if it would seem a little unconventional, it’s all part of the fun. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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