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Question about Shar-Teel romance

Guest Bohemund

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Guest Bohemund

First of all, I would like to state how much I enjoy playing BG1 with this mod. There seems to be a lot more banters and character interactions then even BG2, I was halfway through BG2 then dropped it to play this, to learn more about the charname's past before continuing with the future.


I have never played BG1 without the NPC Project, although after I have explored the huge content I plan to play vanilla BG1 just to have an idea of how much character development you guys put in. The dialogues meshes in so well that it's easy for a new player to believe that the project is part of the original game.

The writing is very good, and seems coherent with the character's background, alignment, stats.


I'm not that far into the game yet as I barely grabbed Viconia, but some of the fun stuff that comes to mind are the exchange between Shar-Teel and Kagain, contrasting 2 different views of evil. Furthermore, Kivan's tale of woe sparks a strong feeling of sympathy and comradeship, a lot more than what the Valen story from Hordes of the Underdark did.


I also like how you guys decided to make 3 romances for human females, I was annoyed when I found out Bioware only allowed you to romance elves, as I thought an Imoen romance was a given considering the fact that she is a half-goddess, and relationships between divine siblings were common in Greek mythology.


I am currently playing a Chaotic Evil main character, I haven't romanced Viconia in BG2 so romancing an evil character like Shar-Teel should be new and very interesting. However, I encountered a few problems in doing so.


In a previous game, I gave the Chaotic Evil main char charisma 11, STR and CON 18, since the PDF Romance Guide said that charisma and strength of 11 or above was sufficient to meet her requirements. I did a lot quests, got most of my party to level 5, met Viconia and the only lovetalk with Shar-Teel was LT0 in which her final answer was telling the main char he was strong but ugly.


I only have a rough understanding of coding but I think that






means that STR and CHR should be greater than 11. So I rerolled and made a main char with CHA 12. I also set the romance speed to 15 mins (used to be 1 hour) to playtest things a bit before playing a legit game. I gave my char enough XP to get to level 5 so he can breeze to the Basilisks zones and find Shar-Teel.


However, after LT0 in which she still said that the main char is strong but ugly, I have been resting in the wilderness non-stop up to day 30ish, at least 20 mins of real time, and there is no LT1, even though the


X#SharMatch is 1

X#SharInterest is 1


What could be the problem here? Main char is human, Chaotic Evil, Berserker, STR 17, CON 18, CHAR 12.


Also, if I do not modify the romance speed at all, meaning that the speed in neither 1 hour, 45 mins, 30 mins or 15 mins, how are the LT triggered? Randomly perhaps?


Thanks for any help.

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The only thing I can think off hand is your reputation. Is it sufficiently low for Shar to get interested? IIRC it should be below 10, but your matches seems to be correct. I have successfully romanced Shar with Rep of about 5 to 7 when testing and the somewhat similar stats iirc.


If your rep is OKay, you can send me a saved game, I'd like to take a look. We had a few problems with scripts if Tweaks or any other package are installed and the installer updated to WeiDU 192, which has higher sensitivity to certain typos in code and prevents the scripts from implementing properly, so I'd like to check that it's not the case.


If you do not select the romantic speed, it sets by default to 1 hour.


Hope that helps, and give me a shout if your rep is not gonna fix it.


P.S. I will definetly be reseting her match to be in accordance with the Guide, kudos for picking it up.

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Here is what I tried:


-Created main char

-Added Shar-Teel to my party when my Rep was 8

-Repeatedly used rest in the Basilisk zone until I got LT0. Received the You're strong but ugly reply. After that LT my variables are:

X#SharMatch is 1

X#SharInterest is 1

X#SharInterestTalk is 1

-Killed 1 civilian in Beregost to bring my Rep down to 6

-Moved around killing non-quest mobs and let the party stand in place for a while, to let at least 15 mins elapse (at least 25 mins for sure). Used rest in the wild a lot too. Saw many interesting banters between Imoen, Shar-Teel and Kivan but no LT1 as of yet.


Thanks for offering to check my save file. How can I send it to you?


I have 5 mods installed:



BG1NPC Project //installed 1 hour romance timers, then changed Shar-Teel's timer to 15 mins

BG1NPC Music


Tutufix (did not install the core fixes as directed)


My Weidu is 190


If everything seems to be in order maybe it's because I haven't been testing it long enough, about 30 mins for that char (CHA 12) and 30 mins for another one with charisma 18.


Branwen's romance seemed to work fine, back when the timers were still 1 hour I saw LT3 or 4. Anyway, if you deem it necessary to check my save file, no need to rush or spend too much time on it, maybe a re-install later on will fix everything :)


Edit: oops wrote X#SharInterestTime instead of X#SharInterestTalk earlier

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Usually, it's easy to find the problems with the things like that; it's just easier for me to check the variables on my machine than make you post every single one. "Strong but ugly" iirc is a normal occurence - in the 0 dialogue Shar will say that unless you have *much* higher charisma than you need for the romance to progress later on.

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I think, I found a very simple explanation:


Try setting:




before "sleeping" her.


I can't find the set-up for the timer in any obvious place, it could be that it was tied only to the very high charisma option, and that's what breaks the romance for you.




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No, not really. This early in the morning I can't remeber if she allows TN or CN as Alignment per se (please check out the Romance Guide for this), but she definetly looks for low reputation.

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If you check out your mod folder, you'll find our Romance Guide there. Among other things, it specifies the romance requirements for each character. Shar-Teel's romance is written as an exclusevly evil one, so Shar-Teel will not romance a paladin. Her romance, however, is quite open in terms of racial restrictions.


Though what you have said, makes me think that either Fallen Ranger or Fallen Paladin should be made able to romance Shar-Teel. I'll try to take a quick look and see how the game flags those chars, and add that in her romancibility; I might even through in a quick extra dialogue that will jump-start the romance in this case, if PC satisfies all other req's and had just fallen.

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Guest Guest


i got a nice idea

you know that the PC can make verious NPCs change thier alignmeant. Maybe you could get shar teel to convince Male good aligned characters to "fall" like a paladin, who in lust over shar teel revokes his paladin-hood.. Thing is, then you lose all the pluses of being a paladin without getting the plusses of a fighter which sucks, especially seing as it woudlnt carry over to shadows of amn


Would be intresting, you start falling in BG, are fallen in SOA then in TOB you become an instrumeant of evil, cause you let yourself get manipulated by the female npc. I have never played a evil char before.

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heya, sorry, I've transfered all questions about Shar-Teel in this thread, because the other concerns the choices of romances for a female PC. To answer your questions:


-No, Shar-teel will not romance a good character in a new version. The romance was written exclusevly as an evil romance, to allow for more versatile options for an evil character, different types of evil PC etc.


-No, corrupting good guys is not on Shar's list. She is written as a person who'd take an advantage of a man on a whim, and PC has to work hard to build a relationship with her if she either excites or amuses him or what not. She will not invest her time into a particular man to build a relationship herself. She is also a woman of much simpler desires than to stage an elaborate seduction/corruption game of a good naive boy. She takes things at the face value. Good guys disgust her. Safana is imo a better candidate for such an amusement.

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Guest Guest

Hmm, okay. Thanks for the info, sorry about posting ont he other one, didnt reliase. I was wondering what was going on when i saw all my posts appear here

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