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Well, my time since getting a working computer back hasn't been completely idle. Here's the latest portraits I've been working on for Tabi. They're not perfect, as my Photoshop "skills" are far from the best, but I'm kinda fond of them.



Here's Tabiya's starting portrait:


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And this second portrait is used if Tabiya is completely corrupted to evil. Poor girl. :D


Anyway, how can I make them better? And yes, I do have a 'thing' for Angelina Jolie. :D I saw the picture I used as a base for this second portrait and just couldn't pass it up.


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nods, the second one is the one I've done the least work with thus far. I'm not really happy with her breastplate yet, and as you mentioned, Bri, the mouth's off a bit. I did look at Karse's Jolie pic, but it just didn't fit well with my mental pictures for Tabiya. These will, I think, when I can get them adjusted to suit. :D

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I think both the portraits are pretty good, though I agree that the "evil" one has very odd lips. The breastplate on the first portrait is quite good, especially the lighting effect on the ornamentation, but I think it could do with some additional material around the edges. A simple lip ridge around the head hole might just add enough extra detail, I think.

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Glad to see that you're back Jessayla.


I think that (as it is) the portrait is a bit too photo realistic - the face mainly, breastplate seems okay. I don't mind much celebrity based portraits though - it's better if you' can't recognise the person in which the portrait was based. I like Angelina too, so it's not that I'd had something against her looks.



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