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[fixed] Installation Problems


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Ok, I've been having trouble installing Divine Remix. Normally I install it last, but it refuses to install Druid Remix because the alignment file or somesuch is missing.


This time, I installed it straight after patching, and all seemed fine until I chose to install Changing Jaheira's alignment and the installer crashed and re-installing becomes a hassle since many of the files are there. I uninstalled BGII and re-installed it and patched the game, installed dungeon-be-gone and the divine remix.


This time I skipped Jaheira's alignment and it crashed when I tried to install the Nightcloak Kit on Viconia. Any idea why this would happen? I love Divine Remix but it's becoming to much of a *kefuffle* so I may have to not install it if I can't get it to work properly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Instead every time I install Divine Remix I get a windows error message when I try to install Viconia's kit. I can avoid the problem if I do like this: I install everything untill it's time for Viconia's kit then I quit. I rerun Divine Remix and once at that component I install it (plus the kit for Branwen as well, which would also cause that same windows error)

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6: I think Bigg posted a workaround for this. It's a bug in the code which in this case didn't stop it working, but Bigg's new WeiDU won't allow the bug so won't install.


Salk: Known issue, something to do with WeiDU again. I think your solution is the only one there is at present.

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