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Dynaheir trouble: BGT

Guest Calemyr

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Guest Calemyr

This is driving me nuts. In light of the upcoming release of Fade V1 (an NPC for BG2), I thought I'd celebrate (and kill time waiting for the release) by taking the character I plan to use with Fade the whole way from Candlekeep to the Bhaal's Throneroom. Naturally, Baldur's Gate Trilogy seemed an obvious way to do that. And this NPC project was just the icing on the cake.


Dynaheir is my choice for what romanceable lass to take with me (I couldn't restore Branwen and I don't like Shar'Teel), and the whole thing works well. Until I finished LT3 (The oath to stop the war), that is, and then it just stopped. I left the game unattended for several hours (coming back to click through Imoens' incessant "Howyadoin?" banter as needed), and I still couldn't get the dance LT to run when I hit the Inn (I used the Elfsong Tavern and the Friendly Arms Inn).


Then came the odd bit. I used CLUAConsole to alter the X#DYLOVETALK and X#DYLOVETALKTIME, and as soon as I advanced her LT, Imoen piped up her PC initiated conversation. Every time I tried, the same thing happened (all but once, when instead Minsc scolded me for chatting with Dynaheir all night).


For the record, here are the variables I got from ShadowKeeper:

X#CheckDynaMatch = 1

X#DyLovelyTalkTime = 295927

X#DyLoveTalk = 7

X#DyLoveTalkTime = 311045

X#DynaheirEmerson2 = 1

X#DynaheirKylee = 1

X#DynaheirRomanceActive = 1

X#DynaheirTiber2 = 1

X#DynaMatch = 1

X#DynaInfoRashemen = 1

x#DynaReactionTime = 247381

X#DynaReactionTimerset = 1

There are no other variables starting in "X#Dy"


Is there any advice on how I can salvage this, or do I have to start over again?

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Unfortunately, we are only able to help with questions about the Tutu version of BG1NPC for Tutu -- Sir BillyBob over at SHS is the person you need to be talking to about the BGT side of things.


None of this project team use BGT for development, and the BGT people have had to do some serious conversion work to make it possible to use BG1NPC with BGT. Any variables we reference, files we reference, or suggestions we make could make things worse, not better!


Check out the problem with them, please.

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Guest Calemyr

Actually, may I ask one question? I just would like to know if there's any trick to getting Dyna to start the inn LT? I started a new game and I'm still having trouble. I'm not asking you to fix the problem for me, I'm just wondering if it's a compatibility issue or I'm just not doing it right.

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I can't speak for the BGT version, but in the original one:


~Global("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",8)~THEN BEGIN X#DYLoveTalk4
SAY~*The common room is busy to<DAYNIGHT> and merry. But the jolly atmosphere never touches a small figure curled in an armchair with a notebook on her lap. Despite the various distractions: the shouts of drunks, the haze of cooking smoke, music and dim lights, the wizardress seems to be focused on her writing. Finally, she lifts her head and finds you with her gaze.*~

meand that LT4 begins with X#DYLoveTalk = 8 (it might be without the X#, as we have been tracking down missing variable headers)



stupid cmorgan error and he's gone prospecting for the correct code, dammit...

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Hmmm.. in BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase3\DYROM\BAF_30\X#DYNAHD.BAF (alpha version, folks, so it is another directory if you are in v11)



I thought this was triggered on rest, but it appears that we have a winner for the potential problem. Our stuff uses an area check rather than a rest check, presumably all of these areas are the interior of inns. BGT may use different area names, so perhaps SirBillyBob could check for you and see if all of them made it through conversion without typos?

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Guest Guest

This is absolutely true. All of the on-rest conversations never fire, and I'm forced to increment it myself, which really kills the illusion.


Any idea how I can get it to work, or do I need to look up all the BGT area names and feed them into the DyanHD.BAG file?

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No, it's in the dream script already, it runs on rest. What needs to be corrected is






StartDialogueNoSet(Player1) if the dialogue went into _DYNAHJ on the re-edit.


If dialogue remained on B, it should be fine.

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Calemyr, I am turning you over to Domi on this one; she is the Guru! I have checked my version 11, and we have it there added to _BDYNAH; the next version out will have it added to _DYNAHJ with StartDialogueNoSet.

Domi, when you get a chance, if you can tutor me on the Dream .bafs vs Regular .bafs in the workroom, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the confusion, guys!

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The question of where to find these dialogue references is 110% BGT folks. They have to contend with an entirely different dialogue system; all we can give you is ideas to take to SirBillyBob. We have no idea how he converted them into BGT files/scripts/dialogue packages. Sorry! :rolleyes:

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Guest Calemyr

Hey, don't worry about it. At least I now know somewhat what the problem is. Now I know it's a coding error and not that "it needs to be a major inn" or something. You've given me more of a lead than I'd hoped for, as it is.

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Calemyr, I am turning you over to Domi on this one; she is the Guru! I have checked my version 11, and we have it there added to _BDYNAH


Then we should be good.


Calemyr, try this one thing:


SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",1) before going to rest


The dream talks just like regular ones do wait for the timer to expire, they do not follow the previous talk immediately.


My guess though is that it might be the areas misnomer in BGT version.

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