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Problem with Valinor

Guest Chris

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Ok, I have tried to let the time pass, bu it obviously does not work:


I encountered Valinor and Arianna in the temple district, where Valinor threatened me. They both went away and then... nothing...


Something like a hundrer in game days have passed (Windspear quest, the Blind eye quest, Spellhold, Sahuagin city, The underdark, the Watchers keep....) and even when I roam in Athkatla... nothing?


So, I suppose there should be a sequel to Valinor's threats, am I right? :) Why is nothing coming up in my game :D


I have installed only Amber, Divine Remix, BanterPack and Dungeon BeGone.


What's wrong doctor? :p Should I begin a new game with Auren all over again :D


The ValinorAriannaTalk variable is at 2 already (I met them only once). Is that normal?

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