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Banter Pack party


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I just started a Tutu/Banter Pack game using a male human CG Berserker with the thought to assemble the following party:


Imoen - to be replaced by Safana at start of chapter 4.

Garrick (to be replaced by Eldoth?)





I have the Tutu Tweaks 'Happy Patch' installed.


If I do go with this party, I'm thinking I might swap Garrick for Eldoth. Presumably Eldoth will hit on the ladies, and that should be amusing to watch.


Seem like an entertaining bunch? I'd imagine Ajantis will have some friction with a drow priestess and a Chaotic Neutral professional thief.

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That's a pertty solid party, though if you intend to romance Dynaheir the two characters that get the most extra commentary are Minsc and Edwin. Edwin in particulary gets a good extra-material in the Elfsong in that case. There is also extra material to the encounet with Edwin's superiors if Dyna is also in the party. :rolleyes:


If you do get Eldoth, he has a couple of extra scenes; the one in FAI is especially worth your time. But save before-hand! Saving Skie is also an important part of Eldoth subplot, so you might want to swap her for Safana at least for a time. In the Undercellars you will get a chance to split Eldoth and Skie, and then get Safana back if you'd like to.


Both Garrick and Viconia has plenty of interjections, and yes, Ajantis have plenty to say about Viconia.


All three have large sets of interjections, though Ajantis is prone to react to 'evil solutions'.


Safana will be the "quiet" NPC in this party.

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Spoiler alert:












Hmm--looks like Ajantis and Viconia are headed for a showdown eventually. The one day deadline Ajantis gave for her to leave has passed without incident but I'll be surprised if they don't throw down at some point. If they do, poor Viconia could probably take him if she had time to buff up, but if the game's AI controls them she's probably toast.


As a side note, I'm RPing it that Viconia won't heal him anymore. He has to rely on potions, his Lay on Hands, and the protagonist's healing special abilities. If Ajantis falls in battle so be it, he's made his own bed, he now has to lie in it. :rolleyes: (Though the rest of the party would want to take his body to a temple of Helm to Res him.)


By the same token, Ajantis will not cast Protection from Evil on her (nor would she want him to).

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Follow-up question: After the fight starts between Ajantis and Viconia, if I stop it will that break anything? And even if there isn't any dialogue to the effect that they've resolved their differences, will they go at it again at some point? Because I do like the party composition.

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