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Immy as Bard?


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When my plans for party composition don't include Imoen, instead of being heartless, I typically escort her directly to FAI and drop her off there. I figure she'd likely take a job as a barmaid. Or perhaps even working behind the bar with Bentley Mirrorshade. She has high Cha. And she's a chatterbox (at least with the Banter Pack). So this seems a very plausible fate for her, at least temporarily.


And the thought occured to me that in a Tutu game, it'd be neat if I came back later and discover she is rejoinable as a Bard. In terms of temperment, imho she's a natural Bard (moreso than mage). At FAI she'd learn the bardic skills at the best place there is, a tavern. It would be as if she discovers her true calling once outside the walls of Candlekeep.


Although I suppose to keep it all within the AD&D rules, she'd have to begin as a bard...




perhaps she could start out as a Commoner. When she finds you outside Candlekeep she'd have no fighting skills at all. She's entirely vulnerable. And dead weight, with assassins coming after you. etc. Which would account in great part for why you'd almost have to leave her at FAI.


After the first monster encounter she'd be rattled, and she'd implore you to follow Gorion's instructions and get to FAI asap. After the battle with Tarnesh at the FAI entrance, and once inside the FAI, a trigger would fire that has Immy express her concern at how dangerous it all is. As desperately as she wants to remain by your side, she's scared to death--and concerned that you having to keep her safe during battle will probably get you killed as well. Bentley offers her a job, with everyone who is non-evil around at that time suggesting that you return to look in on her after investigating the Nashkel Mines.


Now once you return you discover that Bentley and Galena have taught her a thing or two, spellwise and lore-wise. And she has has gone on an adventure or two of her own (which she'll eagerly tell you about). Now she's ready to join your party.


This could be an add-on of some kind to the Banter Pack. If she's playable as a bard, she could have a bard kit as well, of course.


Anyway, perhaps that is all more complicated than it's worth simplyy to justify to playing Immy as a Bard. If you want to make it simple, just select that class for her right from the start.


Any rate, with Tutu I think it might be a darn good time playing her as a Bard. As a Blade, for instance, she might be really fun. Or with one of the custom Bard kits available from Song and Silence.

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