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splitting NPC pairs with Tutu (Tweaks?)


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I'm unable to drop Minsc and keep Dynaheir as I normally would in unmodded BG. What I usually do is place Minsc inside a Nashkel inn and her outside (or anywhere else) when I remove Minsc from the party. That isn't working. Just speculating, but I installed the Tweak Pack's Valen/Solaufein-Style Interjections component--is that the reason for this?


Can I solve this by running Tutu Tweaks again and uninstalling that component?


Otherwise, is there a way to split them up other than letting Minsc fall in battle?

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hmm. should work; never had the problem and I use V/SI.


Try moving Minsc into a house you will not be visiting, then moving the whole party away from the house, then reform party (not speaking to the NPCs until after you have left the map).

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*smiles at Andyr across the cigar smoke, coffee, and brandy, and replies something about kids these days*


Ordinarily, I would agree with you Andyr, but I have this wish that Khalid could leave us peaceably after Mulahey and go on a Harper's secret mission, letting me keep Jaheira in party until the end of Cloakwood. I know, still breaks with the story, but I get to have some more interjections...

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Thanks, removing Minsc from the party when he was all by himself inside a building did the trick.


Another way to do it (the one I usually use) is have just the protagonist inside the building with the NPC that is being removed, and the NPC you want to keep in the party standing outside. That way you get to have a goodbye conversation with the one you're cutting loose. When you step outside you ask the other NPC (the one you wish to keep) to rejoin. But for some reason that wasn't working this time.




Edit: I think the only pair that it's hard to imagine splitting up is Jaheira and Khalid. Dynaheir is worried about Minsc's mental instability, and Minsc has failed miserably in his charge as bodyguard. Monty "works grudgingly with Xzar, even though he obviously despises the man." Eldoth is pretty obviously using Skie for his blackmail scheme. At least in terms of how the characters are written, it isn't hard to imagine any of those pairs breaking up.

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I don't think that is true. Dyn is Minsc's bodyguard rather than the other way round. :-P Xzar and Monty share a very special bond only lunatics can have and the spoiled brat and the bad guy are a perfect match in my eyes. I always have the one I did not like to keep die in a fight. It is clean, simple and you don't have to do a lot of talking or are you just parking those NPCs to get them back later?

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You can make the case for not splitting any of them up, sure. It's the stronger argument of the two, imo.


But for each player, ultimately it's your game to play as you wish. You'll play it however you find most satisfying for whatever type of gaming experience you're seeking in any particular game.


I'm just pointing out that it's easily conceivable from the bios for the three pairs I mentioned that the characters could end up going their separate ways. Not a huge stretch.


Khalid and Jaheira are clearly devoted to one another, splitting them up is much tougher to rationalize. If you want to split them, about all you have to work with there is Jaheira is a ballbuster, and perhaps one day Khalid decides he's had enough of the henpecking. Or perhaps an extremely high Cha protagonist draws Jaheira's eye and Khalid seems a coward/wimp by comparison. Something along those lines. Anyway, I never split up that pair, just because it's hard to envision. They belong together.

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