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Sarevok Deathbringer prob

Guest McTee

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Guest McTee

Heya - firstly, great job on this pack, it's definitely made the NPC's in question more interesting imho and useful (Mazzy is far more Paladin-like now with her new spells!).


The only problem I'm having is that Sarevok, even at level 18, has not received his Deathbringer Assault ability; the only thing that shows up in the ability bar is Spook. Admittedly this is a minor problem as he's otherwise a powerhouse even without any special abilities, but I just thought I should mention this. :rolleyes:


I'm running BG with TOB and the last patch and the Dungeon Be Gone, NPCKit and Song and Silence mods - uninstalling the mods seems to make no difference (I tried a quick new game in TOB with a temporary character, but Sarevok still has no DA).


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as Sarevok baby's one of my favourite tanks... ;)



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Sorry you've had a disappointing experience with NPC Kit. Idobek's on one of his extended absences which is why there really isn't any support for this mod at the moment. However, if you would also explain the Mazzy problem you encountered Idobek could fix it when he returns.

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Guest Mc Beth


First of all i wanted to thank you all for those fantastic ideas that make BGII more interesting.

But i would like to suggest a topic for a new mod.

I know it doesn't belong in this section but i just read about Sarevok and i thought i could post it in here :)


I was thinking about a Sarevok relatred mod which might add a quest so that you can regain some of his old equipment. You already aquired the Sword of Chaos.

So I thought you could somehow find his armor and improve the Sword of Chaos.

I think evrybody would like this because Sarevok will even kick more ass than he ever done before.



ThX for listening or reading


Mc Beth :D

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