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Amelia and Natan


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I've been wandering around the Firewine ruins trying to figure out how to complete this quest (and killing Kobolds by the bucket), but I can't come up with anything. Where do you find Natan and/or how do you "revive" Amelia's roses? :rolleyes:

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-Natan is in the ruines, right a the enterance closest to Amelia

-Roses can be revived by a certian very noticeable character wandering about the yeard of the Lord of the Morning Temple

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We had a bug report about that, but could not find the obvious problem. Cmorgan backed the areal script with the one in Coran's override.


For now, you can try to summon him via Clua. The CRE name should be X#NATAN (or X#NATHA) depending on how the name is spelled (it is usually X# plus first 5 letters).

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