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A question for CamDawg


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I noticed that you seem to have done some work on BGT over at teambg. I was curious if you thought it was worth my time to download the mod/TC? I like the continuity idea that would allow for the game to be carried through from BGI all the way to ToB. (importing a character from BG I just doesn't have the same appeal, even with BG Tutu.)

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All I did was write the install script for one of the distros because I was frustrated by Bardez's 829 step install process. Ask Idobek about the quality of my bat file programming sometime. :D


BGT basically imports the party from the end of the game, but none of the non-BG2 NPCs have dialogue, so it's a rather disappointing treatment. Given the assumptions that are worked into the SoA storyline, this was a major revision and it gave the appearance of not having too much thought behind it (from an RP standpoint). Given that the BG2 part of BGT is fairly mod-resistant and still has some considerable bugs you would probably end up moving your savegame to a different install for the BG2 portion anyway.


Tutu is pretty much what I hoped BGT would be--a conversion to a new engine, not a TC. I do believe Tutu is better (conceptually and in practice), though whether someone likes one or the other will depend on what they're looking for. I just wanted a way to play BG1 content in a better engine, whereas someone who wants the whole story rolled into a single game would likely prefer BGT. I do wish that Tutu would have some continuity support for characters that are in SoA, but more along the lines of consistent spellbooks, stats, skills, weapon profs, etc. In general, I'll just repost my generic BGT/Tutu comparison for anyone who is interested:


* BGT requires BG1, TotSC, BG2, and ToB (though you can uninstall BG1 after BGT is installed); Tutu only requires BG1 and BG2 (expansions are optional, though BG1 must remain installed) .

* BGT allows you to play BG1 all the way through the end of ToB continuously. Tutu has a program that must be run to toggle the installation between BG1 and BG2 content.

* Tutu makes no storyline changes. BGT requires that you kill Sarevok before doing any of the TotSC content and alters both BG1 and BG2 with some other minor changes.

* Tutu can be modded as the conversion process will also convert any mods you may have on BG1. BGT is vanilla BG1/TotSC and can not be modded. Both will accept BG2 mods.

* BGT keeps character continuity. If you change one of your NPC's stats in BG1, they'll have it in BG2. You can bring characters into BG2 that are not already in BG2.

* Tutu has better graphics. BGT's size come from the fact that it distributes the area graphics in compressed form whereas Tutu converts them directly from BG1. BGT's compresion also reduces the quality of the area graphics ingame.

* Tutu is easier to download and install. Tutu is a minimal download and installs in a few minutes. BGT is a huge download (600MB+) and takes closer to 45-60 minutes for the install process.

* Tutu has more active suport. BGT's original creator withdrew from the project and support is now being handled by someone else. Tutu is still being maintained by its original team.

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Thanks for the reply. It looks like I'll stick with BG Tutu in that case. It would be nice if someone eventually modified BG 2, to allow for BG Tutu parties to get carried over. It'd be a lot of work though, since you would need to take into account how the BG I npcs show up in BG II.

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Initially, I was one of the beta testers for Bardez when BGT was first getting off the ground (and before I'd heard of Tutu's production). One of my biggest issues with BGT, however, was the fact that he rewrote BG1 so that you could *not* access any of the TotSC areas until after the defeat of Sarevok. I didn't care for that too much. :D

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