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Java Rewrite - Testers Needed


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I have recently begun the process of re-writing the MultiInstall Tool in Java, and using Swing for the GUI. This version will work everywhere there is a Java Runtime Environment - which is at this point a superset of the systems that BG2 can be made run on.

There is a current version of this at http://www.gibberlings3.net/downloads/Mult...ll-20060716.jar


This version should succesfully clone from a version which has already been cloned, or where the modifications to the binary are performed by hand. It does not yet do any modifications to the binary itself, but I should have this coded by late next week.

All testing and bug reports are appreciated, and should be reported in the normal way (as described in the other sticky). It might not work properly for BG2/OSX yet, but should work for BG2/Win no matter where it's running (including Win 9x and *nix via Wine/Cedega).

Once we have binary patching and OS X support, I plan to temporarily feature-freeze the code and release it as MIT 5.0 .


The archive also contains source code, which is released under the GNU GPL. A .jar can be extracted by an program that can handle .zips.

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And, the promised update is now available. The link in the first post has now been updated.

New in this version: should now properly patch bgmain.exe on the Windows version, should almost work on the Mac version (it will do the same as the shellscript, but doesn't patch baldur.ini yet.

I plan to code the following over the next couple of days:

  • Finalize Mac support.
  • Show alert when something goes wrong (found an unsupported game type, couldn't determine game type, IO/Error, etc.).

Please test this code, and report any bugs you find - especially on the Windows version of the game, since the code for it should now work properly.

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Ok, the latest version is up, and is feature-complete for 5.0. This is now beta quality, and should work everywhere you can get a Java runtime environment.

Please test this rigorously, and report any bugs you find; also, please report cases where it is known to work well.

Once it is confirmed to work well everywhere, this code will ship as 5.0.



A bug has surfaced whereby MIT causes extensive dataloss to an existing game directory which is used to clone from. As such, this code is no longer considered beta quality, and it is highly recommended that all testers make a backup of the following files from the Baldur's Gate 2 instllation directory before using MIT:

Windows users:

  • dialog.tlk
  • dialogf.tlk (if it exists)
  • chitin.key
  • baldur.ini
  • baldur.ico
  • bgmain.exe
  • bgconfig.exe
  • bgdxtest.exe
  • bggltest.exe
  • keymap.ini
  • language.txt
  • override
  • scripts
  • script compiler
  • sounds

Mac OS X Users:

  • dialog.tlk
  • dialogf.tlk
  • chitin.key

This bug should be fixed as soon as possible, and any help in achieving this is appreciated.

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And there's another new version. This one appears to fix the dataloss bug completely, works much faster, and should mean that Windows/English users no longer need a dummy dialogf.tlk in the source file for things to copy properly. It should also work faster than the previous versions.

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