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Shar-Teel: can't change her right arm sword

Guest Beleg-Cuthalion

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Guest Beleg-Cuthalion



I'm playing BG1TUTU with NPC-Mod, and have just got Shar-Teel in my party. She is dual-wielding two swords, a long sword in her right hand, and a bastard sword in her left.

As I have a better long sword (+2 from greywolf) i'd like to equipe her with it, but I can't give her an other weapon to her right hand: if i want to take away her original long sword, it says: "magical weapon in use". The long sword appearantly is no magical weapon.

Giving it to her left hand works fine though.


It this at all NPCMOD-relevant or is this dual wielding from an other mod and I am mixing up things? Is it a bug? Is it on purpose?


Thanks for your help


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Guest Guest
It'll say 'magical weapon in use' if you currently have some summoned weapon like Melf's Minute Meteors or similar.  Once that has run out you can change your weapons.



that was my thought too, but now I've rested for 24 hours, and nothing changed. Even, Shar-Teel can't even cast something like Melfs Meteors or Flaming Sword, etc.



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