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IWD1 Tweaks

Guest grogerson

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Guest grogerson

The following tweaks would be nice for the next version of your IWD1 tweak pack:

1. Add the scimitar +5 defender (the +3 frostbrand is already in the game, so why not?).

2. Add ammo belts to some of the stores (see Tioma's ease-of-use pack).

3. Improved bags of holding (see Tioma's ease-of-use pack, if he's correct).

4. If possible, add a hot key to view the party reputation (I can't find anything to allow this).


Using NI I've also found some things that also need fixing:

1. Hells Bane Broad Sword (ZZC8HB) is unusable by thieves, the only broad sword this way.

2. Cynicism Bastard Sword (CYNICIS) is usable by thieves, the only bastard sword this way.

3. RNDTRES.2DA has some errors in it that will produce "nothing" items. These will crash the game if you attempt to use or identify them. This is because a non-existant item is "created". These are:

DE6Tres item 7 should be ZZZ6BC, not ZZZ3BC.

SH_sswd item 3 should be Shsswrd, not shswd (removed in HoW and TotL).

WT3Tres item 4 should be LongClev, not LongCle.

RND9200 item 5 is actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.

RND9300 item 4 is actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.

RND9400 item 4 is actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.

RND9500 items 1, 6 and 7 are actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.

RND9600 items 6 and 7 are actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.

RND9603 items 7, 8 and 9 are actually an attack, S1-10, and not an "item" as such.


Thanks, and I hope this is helpful.

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The following tweaks would be nice for the next version of your IWD1 tweak pack:

1. Add the scimitar +5 defender (the +3 frostbrand is already in the game, so why not?).

I'll let Andy address the actual ideas, but I did want to derailt the thread just a bit: a Defender sword that actually let's you pick from +0/+5 to +5/+0 would be pretty cool. For BG2 Tweak, I think I'm going to go ahead and add the capability to make Drizzt's Defender behave as it should as part of the Disable Harpell component. After all, if you're going to get the sword it may as well work as it should.

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Those bugs are bugs in the game and not the Tweak Pack, right? I will look into doing something about them, when I get the time.


I'm not sure about the Defender in IWD--I don't recall when Frostband is introduced in the game, but am not really fussed about putting Drizzt's other sword in just for the hell of it.

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Guest grogerson

Andyr, the problems are from the game itself. The RND#### lines were added in HoW. Black Isle probable knew the SH_sswd code was wrong, but not how, and so removed it in HoW (my guess... :D ). Hell's Bane was added in TotL. Cynicism was added in HoW.


FYI, the +3 frostbrand is in the base IWD game. The +5 defender would be nice, but not necessary.


However, Tioma's ammo belts and improved bags of holding would be definite things to think about adding to the tweaks.


Thanks for responding. :)

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Guest grogerson

Sorry, Andyr. Not right now. I'm at work. I'll check on it when I get home and let you know. But I believe it's a prize-of-war, not random.

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Guest grogerson

Andyr, the scimitar +3 frostbrand can be found in three places throughout the game:

ar7004 in a bag

ar9800 in a chest

in Tiernon's store.


Also, do you know of any way to view the party reputation in-game? I've been told it's there, can be gained and lost, but there's nothing I can find to show what it is. Even Dalekeeper doesn't show it. I'm creating my own walk-through and I'd like to know when it changes (a couple of walk-throughs note only one or two incidents where you lose it).


Finally, I've a list (thanks to NI) of the RNDTRES.2DA items. Who do I PM/submit it to for possible addition to IESDP?

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Thanks for the item locations. For reputation, you can probably see it in NearInfinity but I don't think there's an ingame method.


For the IESDP, I'd post in the IESDP forum here and/or send a PM to Igi.

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Guest grogerson

I'm reviving this thread because I've a correction to make. Both Hell's Bane and Cynicism are broad swords, so both should be usable by thieves. My mistake.


Another item, have you considered talking to Tioma (Igor Potemine, Ipotemine@aol.com, http://pageperso.aol.fr/Ipotemine) about merging his Ease-of-Use with the IWD tweaks pack?


Finally, I found another item for a tweak. Dual and multi-class characters, I thought, should be able to use all the weapons of all their classes. It seems that multi-class clerics and druids can't - they're limited to the weapons of either cleric or druid. Ironic, since multi-class thieves and mages (without cleric/druid) do have access to the weapons of their classes. I've modified my current game using NI, but changing the clasweap.2da and almost all (weapon).itm files if I delete and reinstall... well, that takes some time.


As it stands, a fighter dualed to cleric or druid, looses all proficiencies not in the new classes weapon skills, and can't put any proficiency points in anything other than cleric or druid, even though a fighter dualed to mage or thief doesn't loose any proficiencies, and can put a proficiency point in any weapon not already having one.


This can be extended to BG, BG2 and to a lesser extent IWD2, since this also occurs in them. Some may complain that this messes with game balance, so it should be considered a tweak for those who want the cleric and druid dual and multi-class characters to have the same opportunities as the thief and mage.

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also, i just had a random question (although it has something to do with IWD tweaks).


does iwd and iwd2 just have less bugs, or has the modding community simply not had the time to make a fixpack for iwd (seeing as how BG2 is already a giant undertaking)?


was just wondering why there was no fixpack at all (other than the nice assorted fixes in your tweakpack already) whereas BG2 has a gigantic list of bugs and oversights that are still being worked on today.



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Guest grogerson

The tweak pack size is probably different because:


1. The IWD games are much harder to mod for (thus less mods out there), and so fewer problems have been found.


2. There's far less role playing in the IWD games, so they're not played as much.


3. Generally, there's just less interest in the IWD games than there are in the BG games.


And if you thing the IWD tweaks are few, just look at the PST tweak pack.


Still, I'd like to see some response to my previous post :mad: ...

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