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BG1 NPC Project Installation Errors....


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Hello everyone,


This is my fifth time through the game, so I decided to try out some mods this time - specifically TuTu and some banterpacks. I'm really looking forward to experiencing a much fuller, richer dialogue in BG 1. :)

But for some reason, I am unable to get the BG1 NPC mod to install...

This is what the order of things I've installed so far:


Baldurs Gate+TotSC (Five cd version) Full installation.

ToTsC UK5512 patch.

Baldurs Gate II: SoA

Throne of Bhaal+26498 Patch

Baldurdash ToB Fixpack 112



Everything seemed to go ok, so then I installed


BanterpackV6 (pocket plane)

BG1 NPC Musicv4 (which reported no errors)


But when I tried to install the BG1 NPC mod from the SoA directory, I get the following errors:


This mod should be installed in your Bg2 folder, after the tutu conversion (which I've done)

Stopping Installation because of Error.

Stopping Installation because of Error.

It then tries to rollback the installation but obviously can't, since no files were installed. It then asks me to email my debug file to the forum, which I will gladly do if it will help solve my problem. :D

I've tried installing from various directories, but all seem to get the same result.

Hope its something rather simple, rather than an incompatiblity (with the banterpackv6 for instance...)


There's evidently something I'm doing incorrectly...


Thanks to all in advance,


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Aha. I might have spotted your problem, and if so, I did the same thing when installing the NPC Project.


When you did the Tutu Conversion, did it create it's own Tutu directory (on my computer, it isn't in the Black Isle folder)?


If so, you should install the NPC Project in that directory. Sometimes the instructions are confusing. Any mod you install for a Tutu conversion should be installed in the Tutu directory.

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A couple of other things you might want to check:


You might have installed the NPC Project music into the SoA directory as well. That should also go in the Tutu directory.


If you have any intention of playing regular BG2, you might want to make sure it still works. When I attempted to install the NPC Project, I got a little carried away attempting to make it work, and tried installing regular Tutu as opposed to EasyTutu, and managed to corrupt my regular BG2 installation. But unless you're as crazy as me, messing around with a lot of uninstallation/reinstallation stuff before coming to the boards, you are probably safe. As long as the NPC project did not actually install in the BG2 folder you're fine.

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Hearty thanks Berelinde for the quick reply, your hunch was 100 % accurate. :D


I'd been trying to install into the BG2 folder instead of the converted TuTu one.

The instructions on the G3 NPC installation extraction screen were a bit unclear and suggested that it was meant to be installed in BG2 folder...perhaps this is an issue that could be addressed for future reference for silly people like me. :(


But after I installed into the TuTu directory, it seemingy worked perfectly! No errors at all. I've also completed the same process with the music pack with success. Now I'm simply going to wait until the TuTuGUI finishes downloading, install that - then its time to create my character for the long epic crawl through the entire saga again. :)


I'm still undecided between an Assassin, A female Sorceror, or even a Cavelier...(I've played through as a fighter, bard, druid and necromancer in previous games...)


Anyhow, thanks again Berelinde!


Cheers to the modders for helping to instill an excitement in me for the game again. :D


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Glad it worked out OK! Like I said I did the same thing.


I believe the instructions could be a carryover from before EasyTutu was released, when you really did have to install into your BG2 directory. Maybe the directions were never changed.


When people make changes to something, it will change other things, and you might not catch them all. Case in point: have you ever written up a document, cross referencing page numbers within the document, then edited the document and changing the pagination, then forgotten to check your cross references?


Glad everything is sorted out and working for you.


PS--if you're going for a Paladin, you might want to consider Undead Hunter--you can still use missile weapons to keep foes from getting close to you, and the bonus damage to undead (of which BG1 has plenty) is righteous.

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Yes - both you folks are 100% correct! The next version of BG1NPC will have clearer instructions both on the installer and in the documentation. Macready built EasyTutu only a little while ago, and we are setting up for a new release of BG1NPC this summer which will give newer instructions. In fact, if you wouldn't mind, with 5 tries through the game it would be wonderful if you would volunteer to test the newest version -- if either of you are interested, please PM me and I will get you set up with the newest "alpha" version. All you would have to do is play your regular game, and send in comments if you see something that desn't work as advertized :)

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