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Install failure on TOB+Baldurdash (no other mods!)


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Err, me again! :)


As I found out since my last post that the Item Upgrade clashes with SimDing0's Questpack, I decided to start anew with a clean install and Amber 1.1. (The WeiDU.log is empty as I've only applied Baldurdash for TOB Text Upgrade and BD TOB Fixpack.)


However, the installation attempt breaks down with this:





[bVALYGA.DLG] loaded

WARNING: internal label [101] not found in processed DLG [WSMITH01]

ERROR: COPY_TRANS WSMITH01 state #101 out of range 0-59, SKIPPED

ERROR: Cannot process COPY_TRANS

ERROR: processing COPY_TRANS [amber/dialogs/m#npcapp.d]: Failure("COPY_TRANS out of range")

Stopping installation because of error.



Any idea what's causing this?



Sorry to bother you again!



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For some reason Amber's installation is thinking that you still have Item Upgrade installed and since you don't, it's choking up. Is the SetupItemUpgrade.exe and tp2 (or what's their name) still present in your BG2 folder? Amber's installation should react only if IU is actually installed, but looks like I might be wrong.

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Back again with good news!


Just completed the flawless installation of Amber. :D



The setup.exe and .tp for Item Upgrade had already been removed when I tried to install the last time. I still had the IU folder present, but it's removal didn't change anything (same error again).


Thanks to your post I knew that something apparently remembered that I once had the IU package and removed everything connected to Amber. I replaced them with a fresh set of files straight from the .zip and tried again - no problems at all!!!



Now I am wondering if perhaps something in Amber's setup.exe remembered the IU presence from WeiDU's autoupdating it underwent previously.


Unfortunately, my knowledge is far too limited to answer that - but I have a working install!



Thanks again! :) Now looking forward to actually playing with Amber!



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