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Suggestions for a modded game


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I'm pretty new to using mods and in my next game of SOA/TOB would like to add new content as well as new characters.


The only two things I know for sure is that my PC will be a fighter dualled to cleric at around level 10 or so. I'm not sure whether the PC will be male or female. I will also be taking Kivan with me and I don't want to inadvertently trigger romance dialogue as I do intend to ressurrect his wife. So a suggestion for a romanceable NPC would be good - either male or female, and one that has TOB content, prefereably.


I'd love to know what recommendations people have to enhance the game. I had toyed with the idea of Taking Aeire along as backup cleric/mage, but I'd love to be able to try out a new thief or mage if there is one.


Also, What content/quest mods do people recommend?



Edit -- Oops! Sorry - not sure how I ended up posting this twice.

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