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Hey, Playtesters...


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OK, playtesters, v12 alpha 8 is up and ready to download at the regular site. The Imoen/Firewine talk about Candlekeep and the Ajantis DreamSwitch are still not solved, but some other pains have been eliminated.


This is also an open call for anyone who wants to help update the documentation for BG1NPC; it is available on the Development Wikki to peruse and suggest/make changes!

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Yet another grammar thing. Well, it's more of a malapropism.


Would it be possible to change "fistula" to "fibula?"


A fibula is a cloak pin (usually a sort of safety pin shape). A fistula is a fissure connecting two body cavities that were never meant to be connected.


Every time I come across that piece of jewelry, I get a really gross mental image.

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I've hit another hiccup. I delayed reporting it, because I was hoping the problem would resolve on it's own. I'm doing the Xan romance, and it stalled after LT7. I've checked the variables, and everything seems to be OK. But it's been about 3 hours, and nothing. We're in chapter 3, and have been doing quests. Nothing out of the ordinary. Pc-initiated flirts are still on the friendly choices.


How would I go about forcing the next LT?

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Pc-initiated flirts are still on the friendly choices.


Like "Oh Prophet of Doom..." ?

Did you have flirts at some point?




- if it's 1, you are in trouble. Are you also romancing Coran? Ajantis? And - is your character an elven or a half-elven female?

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No, I already looked for that variable. It doesn't exist. None of the other variables are remarkable. PC is an elf. As I'd hoped to move this relationship into BG2, I made sure she met his requirements for that mod, as well. I've played through the romance before successfully through LT22, so I knew which answers would make things move along (after which my installation tanked--already addressed).


I did change something, though. I moved Quayle's starting location shortly after LT7. No, I did not have the game or any other file open at the time, but that may have messed things up.


Xan is behaving like he is trying to initiate dialog. He often stops during movement commands.


The party has not yet encountered Ajantis or Coran.

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Showed up in alpha, 7 at the time.


Dialog was becoming increasingly unstable, so I just trashed the install and started over. I don't mind restarting games, and this one was not that far along.


When I did the reinstall, I upgraded to alpha 8. It looks like a lot of stuff was made even more awesome.

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