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Hive mother damaging Mordoken swords

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Immune to all damage except Magic Damage, which all anti-Healing spells are.

Well in that case why can't I effect them with MY cause serious wounds?:) I tried this many times and no effect.

Well, let's see, SWORD01.CRE, I think. It carries IPSION.ITM, to keep it from getting mind effects, and MORSWORD.ITM as a weapon, which gives it the immunity to poison. In it's old incarnation, it also has an immunity to inteligence bonus as an effect, so mind flayers can't eat it's non-existent brain :-)

It has 100 percent resistence to: Cold, Fire, Electricity, Acid, Magic Fire, Magic Cold, Slashing, Crushing, Piercing and Missile. Resist Magic is 0. So, you should be able to hit it with basic magic damage, and it's save verses Spell is 16, which is pretty lousy.

Oddly, Original incarnation, it's marked as humanoid, Race is Gnoll and class is Gnoll, which makes no sense.


Now, the Fixpack makes it Weapon, race Sword, still class gnoll, and adds a slew of effects: SPMindAt anim, SPCONFUS anim, Maze Spell, SPIN775 (innate sleep), Psionic Blast (3 types), Domination, Ego Whip, Psionic Ballistic attack, Psionic Detonate, Psionic Domination, Charm Creature, Panic, Sleep, Stun, Blindness, Feeblemind, Disease, Deafness, Break Morale, Hold Creature, Confusion, Petrification, Polymorph.


The script is really quite simple, it will respond to a "defend me" call, and otherwise attack whatever is nearest.


OK, except for some crazy problem with THACO being screwy using the cause wounds/harm spells, when I finally got Jaheira to hit, it did the damage with a cause critical wounds. Cause serious wounds also worked. But they needed 18s to hit!


I'm afraid I was unable to reproduce your bug, although I seemed to have turned up another one.

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