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Slower movement in heavy armor


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One of the things that PnP D&D did was penalize you for using heavy armor by slowing you down. Plate and Splint mail were 6" speed, Field Plate, Banded and Chain were 9", unarmored, Leather, and magic armor were 12".


It's wasy enough to put these penalties in for plain armor; there aren't very many, and it's just setting movement rate of 50% or 75% as appropriate.


It would, of course, go into the tweak pack.


Unfortunately, this gets messed up from the 200% set by the boots of speed, maybe I need to set the movement rate bonus to negative numbers. It really makes an interesting difference to have your Mages arrive places first. And thieves being in leather, too.

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Refinements does this, ie changes armor to make it more realistic.  It reduces DX and movement while give bonus to protection vs certain kinds of damage.  Unless you want to duplicate the work I'd just check it out.

Well, by using the inc/Dec, instead of Set %, it works correctly when stacking: boots of the speed & heavy armor move you fast, but not as fast as boots of speed and no armor.


I also notice that there are no thief skill penalties for armor use; another tweak, I guess, not bugfix. I'll bring this up over in that forum.

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