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Problem to install

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Version : SOA + TOB + BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_EUROPEAN.exe (French version)


ERROR: BIFF [./data/AREA140B.bif] cannot be loaded: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat",


Stopping installation because of error.


ERROR Installing [bG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes], rolling back to previous state

Will uninstall 3631 files for [bG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] component 0.

Uninstalled    3631 files for [bG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] component 0.

ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "./data/AREA140B.bif")

PLEASE email the file SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.DEBUG to webmaster@gibberlings3.net

Using Language [English]


Install Component [bG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes]?

nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?

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Yeah. The MOS comes from the (compressed) area BIFF. You should need a full install for ToB, so it should work, but we'll probably need some checks for people who don't have full installs (or... just include the MOS and copy it (sigh)).

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