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NPC Kitpack


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This mod started as a request (by me) in the Cleric Remix workroom for Anomen to be awarded a Priest of Helm kit upon passing his knighthood test. Deciding this was outside Remix's remit I quickly spun it off into its own mod. Perhaps too quickly. A couple of days later I thought that the mod could be bigger and the NPC Kit Pack was born. Designed simply to give those NPCs without kits the chance improve their lot. Originally I had only planned on giving each NPC one of the original BioWare kits. This, however, turned out not to be feasible. This mod will add four new kits and provide the opportunity to give a kit to eight of the BioWare NPCs.


Contents of the mod:

  • Anomen will gain the Priest of Helm kit on passing his knighthood test.
  • Anomen will gain the Berserker kit on failing his knighthood test.
  • Chaotic Neutral Anomen will not get a Holy Symbol.
  • Edwin's kit title and description to be changed to Red Wizard (Conjurer).
  • Imoen & Nalia get an Adventurer kit and/or specialist mage kit.
  • Korgan gets a proper Battlerager kit as is fitting for a berserker dwarf.
  • Mazzy gets a proper Truesword of Arvoreen kit, instead of the psuedo kit she has now.
  • Minsc's kit title to be changed to Rashemaar Ranger.
  • Sarevok gets a proper Deathbringer kit, instead of the one ability he has now.

You can read more about this mod, including the descriptions of the new kits "here."


The mod is available for download at the Gibberlings Three downloads page.

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Version 0.7.2 has been released.


Changes from v0.7.1:

  • Mac OS X port added.
  • Mazzy's kit no longer replaces strength abilities, she now simply gains abilities.
  • Added mod compatibility for AoE, G3Tweaks and Rogue Rebalancing.
  • Fixed some typos here and there.

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For those that feel confident enough to make the necessary changes to fix the Ascension conflict here is what to do:

  • Open NPCKit.2p2 (found in the NPCKit folder) with a text editor (Notepad will do)
  • Scroll down to near the end of the file to the Sarevok: Deathbringer Section
  • Replace the entire section with the code below
  • Save NPCKit.tp2
  • Run Setup-NPCKit.tp2 and uninstall Sarevok's component
  • Run Setup-NPCKit.tp2 and install Sarevok's component

//Sarevok: Deathbringer
BEGIN @280
 REQUIRE_FILE ~data/25dialog.bif~ @2

COPY_EXISTING ~sarevok.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_LONG 0x260 0x00000000
 WRITE_LONG 0x264 0x00000000
 COPY_EXISTING ~sarevok.bcs~ ~override/sarev25.bcs~
 COPY_EXISTING ~inp1ivsg.bcs~ ~override~               
 EXTEND_TOP ~sarev25.bcs~ ~override/inp1ivsg.bcs~
EXTEND_BOTTOM ~sarev25.bcs~ ~NPCKit/sarevok/deathbringer.baf~
COPY ~NPCKit/sarevok/deathbringer.spl~ ~override/ikitsar1.spl~

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Hi there,


i havent dl your mod yet, but i have read the kit descriptions and realised a little error:


Referring to the official Red Wizard of thay Prestige Class, PrC requirement is (amongst others) any NONGOOD alignment which means that you dont have to be evil at all.

Sure, many Red Wizards are evil, but there are neutrals aswell.


(Especially if you consider the background story of the two fractions within the reds:

Those who seek to conquer lands like Rashemen and those who seek economic control via enclaves throughout the realms. The latter could be more or less some of the neutral wizards..)



So maybe there should be an alignment update?

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It is in beta because it had very little formal testing before release. It is functioning well but there are a few bugs. The next version is a complete overhaul of the installation process, though most of the kits remain unchanged. I will not consider this mod to be out of beta until it has gone through more rigourous testing and the code used to make it is a stable and reliable method.


I works but it could and should work a lot better. I am aiming for that "a lot better" and until I get there I will keep the beta label to let the user know that I am not happy with it yet.

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Guest Shard (Moongaze)

That makes sense.

Thanks for answering, Idobek. Good luck with your mod. I know I'm loving it already, but if it can be even better, be my guest. :)

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I've created a simple but effective patch using Idobek's Ascension conflict fix suggestion mentioned above, so that people can just extract the file, rather than constantly editing it themselves. (I'm a sucker for convenience...)


Download from IEGMC now:






I take *no* credit whatsoever. NPC Kits is © Idobek.

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