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PotC 2: Dead Man's Chest


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Definitely worth seeing, as was the first movie. The PotC series is in my opinion Jerry Bruckheimer's best production so far. Unlike his other films, like King Arthur and especially Pearl Harbor, which was such an awful history-raping piece of **** that I wanted to strangle somebody when I left the theatre...

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Guest ~taza~



It's half a movie.


The movie was too longwinded to boot.


Hopefully 3 will be better, but I'm calling this movie Pirates of the Caribbean Reloaded.

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i thought the movie was great! and I got to see it at the El Capitan Theater in LA! :suspect: That means huge theater, balcony seating, special area with the props from the movie and a Captain Jack look-a-like. And I saw it with two of my best friends to boot.

It was funny at the end when the entire audience was like "what the..!?!?!?"

oh..and did anyone stick around to the end of credits to see the special scene with the dog? i like that!

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