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Couple of questions


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Alright, just installed and checking her out [this is v.3 of course]. How in the world did she get 97 HP at 7th level? With her constitution of 15 the max possible HP she could have is 77... so where are the *20* extra HPs coming from?


Secondly, starting her at 89000 XP seems a tad ungenerous. A normal import from BG I/TotSC will see the PC with 161000 to start with, and as much as 3000000 XP after IC. Given that most [early arrival] NPCs start off in the 200000+ XP range, 89000 for her really strikes me as a bit low....


Also the sound levels seem to be very inconsistent - sometimes her speech is so quiet as to be barely audible, and then next it will be comparable to everyone else's sound files. Of the four times she has spoken so far, two were fine and two were too quiet.


I'm looking forward to playing through her mod, but these three items just sort of jumped out at me you know? :suspect: Thanks in advance for any help on these issues.

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A bit of a follow up on the volume issue; the two very quiet comments so far are the initial join up banter [...Excuse me Ma'am...] and her asking where I am from [...So where are you from?...]. All of the others in the CC are fine.


As part of her respose to meeting Viconia, she say "... and people around us will look down at us..." I find this to be a bit of an awkward construction and suggest as an alternative; '... and people will look down on us..." The "around us" is superfluous and the repetition of "us" leaves the comment not as euphonious as it could be, IMHO.


I note that she has a 16/94 strength... this seems a bit odd, and messes up the Strength spell when cast on her. She should get an 18/75 Str from a Strength spell, but due to the [anomolous] 94% rating, she goes to 18/00. I assume this was just left in from some previous incarnation where she had an 18 Str during development. While it is easy enough to ShadowKeep out [which I did], it really shouldn't be present.


As I said in my previous post, I'm looking forward to this mod and seeing how her relationship with Nalia pans out. She has two of the qualities I demand from an NPC mod - no insane stats/abilities and no overpowered starting equipment. NPC mods with either of those failings [as I see them] have a major uphill battle in terms of my liking them. So I was very glad to see that she has average [for Bioware NPCs stats] and no outrageous starting equipment. Indeed, those two issues go a long way towards deciding if I will even try a mod or not.


I have been dissapointed, sometimes extrememly dissapointed, by other NPC mods in the past, having tried most of them. There are some where the writing is excellent, but the NPC is "burdened" with ridiculously powerful equipment, or "powergaming" style special abilities - in either case I can't stand it. So anytime I see a Warrior class NPC who does *NOT* have an 18/++ Str, 18+ Con and +3 weapons and armor when I meet them, my interest level goes WAY up.... :suspect:


********************* Potential Spoiler [i guess] **************












On a related topic, I was very glad to see that in her initial conversation with Nalia, there was a bit of tension there. Too often Romance mods [or mods that include a romance] proceed from a baseline of "ooO Wow there's <name> what a hot chick/stud, I have to have her/him/it..." and its all downhill from there. Not every romance is love at first sight and one shouldn't always have the participants totally smitten with each other from the word "go". After all, in all of the Bioware Romances, there is a lot of angst, indecision and/or tension - and tailoring a Mod NPC with Bioware "templates" in mind is always a good thing. IMHO anyway.


So kudos for that as well.

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