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We live, again


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Big apologies all around for the extended downtime everyone. The DB was corrupted by the host, and the last good backup I had was from the 17th. I tried for five days to get the host to restore a copy from the 25th but to no avail. So, I started with my backup and frankensteined whatever I could recover from the broken database. The upshot: posts and PMs should be entirely intact, though miscellaneous things that occurred between my backup and the corruption (7/17 to 7/25) such as preference updates, post edits, etc. are probably not here.


I also took the chance to upgrade to the latest forum software. We lost two skins (Forum Logic 2 and Beach Comber) as they had no updated versions available, and I removed the Member Map and Java chat applet as they were both a big PITA to maintain for seemingly little benefit. The biggest difference members will see is the writing/editing capabilities for posts, though there are a lot of other features tucked away here and there.


Between the patched DB and upgrade, there's bound to be funk. It appears that (knock on wood) everything is working and no posts/PMs were lost, though. If you happen to spot anything amiss, please don't hesitate to send me a PM or email me at webmaster@gibberlings3.net.


Thanks for your patience everyone. :suspect:

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Glad to hear we're back... you must be pretty annoyed with the hosting company still. 5 days of inaction, plus whoever knows how much longer it would've been, isn't a very good showing on their part.

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Thanks for coming back. I don't post much, but I do read much and had severe abstinence during the gone-time. Especially since I didn't know when 7pm (?) was or which day it started...


Anyhow, now I'm happy again.

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