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She loves me!


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This caught me totally off guard! I had just talked to Tenya and was on my way back to the Fishermen to give them what for... when Branwen all of a sudden says, "I love you, Eirik. 'Tis no secret, isn't it?" She had not done this the first time I played it through. I, or rather Eirik, was on cloud nine! What triggers this? Why did I not see this the first time?




















Time to write another poem! :suspect:

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I wanted to hear those words so much the first time through, and didn't. In fact I was bummed out because the romance seemed to be over way too soon; before I got through cloakwood. This was a pearl of great price!


[Edit] Okay, so maybe I'm getting a little carried away with this; but I can't help it! :suspect:

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Upon entering the elfsong tavern, imoen presented me with a birthday present. I found the necklace in her inventory. Shouldn't it be placed in my inventory instead (this is a very minor thing, I know)? Right after that, Branwen confided her doubts again. Life is like that--ups and downs. Did you guys plan this, or is this all dependent on timing? Either way, got to hand it to you; I am enjoying this rollercoaster ride. :suspect:

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