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Avenger Issues

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I've merged these two together, as I suspect it'll be easier to address both issues at once.


We don't modify Avengers at all; I've been unable to replicate this in either patched or Fixpacked installs. Could you do two things for me: provide more specifics under which you've been able to generate the crash (what level d/c, stats, where it specifically crashes, SoA/ToB, etc.) and could you also see if you can induce a crash in a non-Fixpacked game?


For the import issue, I suspect we're going to have to pick between the lesser of two bugs--if we impose the penalties via CLAB, imported characters should reflect the penalty but they'll get un-applied when the class is inactive. In essence, the character would get a +2 STR and CON bonus while the Avenger is inactive.

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Avenger Druids had a -2 STR and -2 Con, right? So, except for bonus after creation, you wouldn't be ABLE to dual... (need 17 STR to dual TO warrior, right?) but let's say you try after watcher's keep, with a 17 STR.


But, given that requirement, I had no trouble Dual-classing to a Fighter.


Without the 17 str, the dual-class button doesn't even activate.


I'm inclined to think the initial report is some odd install problem.

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Very strange indeed. I can now dual class with avenger with no problem. But yesterday I crashed my computer 4 times when trying to do this. It happened after I chose my weapon proficiencies.


I have no idea what is going on. Oh well.



The character I am using is from bg1 so I have 19 str and the 17 str is not a problem.

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