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[fixed] Errors with Restored SoA Logo

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Okay first off i did a clean reinstall of the game installed the fixpack and tweaks( yes I installed this one last). I loaded the game up and when I clicked new game it crashes and messasge is ChVidPal.cpp at line# 1415. I never had this problem before when I used the baldurdash.

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When you say "clean re-install", did you delete all existing files and directories in the BG2 folder before hand? I ask because I vaguely recall someone having a similar problem a few years ago, and I seem to remember them solving it by emptying the cache directory in the BG2 folder.


If that doesn't work, post the contents of your WeiDU.log file here, and we'll try to figure out what the problem is.

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Technically, the game is mostly playable, although it is alarming during save/loadscreens.


Previous installation:

lots of NPC mods, UB, QP, etc, ad nauseum (basically, every mod and its brother)

It all worked fine, except that I never did get the opportunity to have a positive influence on Sarevok, if you know what I mean.


Encountered problem: a bit of lagging.

Possible CAPA: clean install with no mods I did not intend to play


Current Installation (in order):

Complete clean installation of BG2 + ToB (uninstall, delete folder, reinstall)

BG2 Fixpack

BG2 Tweaks

NPC Kitpack

Oversight (selected components)










Zyrean's Miscellaney (selected components)

Moinesse's Avatars (love them long-haired avatars)


Differences from previous installation: BG2 Fixpack instead of BD and Weimer Ease of Use. Everything else exactly the same, in exactly the same order.


Initial problem: CTD on initiating multi-player mode

Inital solution: changed to 32-bit color. Oddly enough, that resolved the CTD.


Persistent problem: superimposed save/loadscreens. They play on top of each other, and all on top of whatever gamescreen was on at the time. When loading from character arbitration screen, the load screen is superimposed on that. The save/loadscreen seems to take far longer than it did previously.


Any thoughts on the subject?

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Yes, because I abhor the skull of ToB. The yin/yang faces, on the other hand are rather nice. I did not know it had issues, since I had it with my previous installation and nothing bad happened. I wonder, then, why it would have problems now, and why changing to 32-bit color would do the super-imposition thing and all the other associated weirdness with the loadscreen in my current installation.



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