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Quests for NPCs with few to no quests

Elfen Lied

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i enjoy having minsc in my party, but his quests are rather on the non existant side, i know there is one in UB, but just one, he should have a few more.


i know having so and so as his witch is banter only but some quests out of it would be nice, not really sure how this could be done.


prehaps a quest where you PC gets a hamster of his own, or an ice weasel, whatever that line is that minsc says


it would be great to really help minsc be in good stead for getting into that ranger hall thingy?


also viconia, could have a few quests of her own. even if the were only in the underdark. revenge on the house of Do'Urden for attacking the house of De'Vir



anybody else feel the same way, just a thought

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This topic would be better suited for General Mod Discussion, but at least a couple of these ideas are in development, such as NPCs being able to do the stronghold quests (NPC Strongholds).


An NPC quest pack could well be a simple and relatively quick mod to make. Some good plotlines and characterisation would make for something quite well recieved. If you were thinking about starting such a mod yourself, you could always make a start by looking at the WeiDU documentation and looking at simple mods ot see how they're constructed.

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