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How does this opcode work


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I was browsing through the list of opcodes in DLTCEP looking for a certain opcode when I ran into this one:


Spell Effect: Spells per Round Modifier [188]



The effect description says: The targetted creature(s) are able to cast a number of spells each round, as specified by the 'Spells/Round'



Does this mean I can allow a character to cast 3 spells per round while this effect is active on them? If so, this will solve a number of problems, but it seems far too easy.

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I don't know if the IESDP (& DLTCEP) description is correct, I don't quite understand how it is expected to work. It implies that you can specify the number of spells you are able to cast if a single round. Normally you can cast one one spell per round.


This is the opcode used by Improved Alacrity to eliminate the pause between spells. With this opcode you can cast as many spells as you like per round, you are only limited by the casting time. I have only seen the opcode used in this manner.


The casting time can also be modified by the use of opcode 189.

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