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Please Move Walking Speeds to BG2Tweaks


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Hello! This is a formal request to have TutuFix v17 and (SimDing0's? CamDawg's?) BG2 walking speeds modifications incorporated into BG2 -Tweaks and fixed for behavioral problems. This would

  1. place the component in the proper (end-of) install order to effect all mod-added creatures
  2. allow BGTutu and BG2 transitions (and BGT folks, I guess) to have uniform walking speeds
  3. remove the need for other mods to patch for this behavior
  4. fix the unintended side effects in Tutu of strange PolyMorph and Slow behaviors
  5. reduce the forum posts from folks who unintentionally install this component as a "fix"
  6. reduce the forum posts from folks who intentionally install this component but import to BG2
  7. make me personally a very happy dude.

In the spirit of reciprocity, I accompany this request with a pledge of 1/3 (34%) of my BG1NPC bugfixing/playtesting/code reviewing time (until the end of August, that could mean up to 2 hours per day Monday through Friday) to be placed at your disposal for Walking Speeds component testing, playtesting, grunt recoding (but not messing with ascii-patching, as I am WAY out of my depth trying t follow a simple "patch the store item" code) and bugging other heavy-duty modders (that's you, Macready and devSin and Grim Squeaker and the rest of the general community not currently on vacation) for answers to technical questions and specifications.

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Understood... I had no warding spells, up, so consider me diseased! I was half expecting a "next year" response, given the testing results at PPG, but I thought I would at least make the formal request. Please let me know when/how I can help.

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