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Caps on Innate Abilities


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I found out today that Monks have their Magic Resistance capped to 78% (Lvl 20).


Well...I never liked caps anywhere because I believe that if the game gives you the chance to reach further then you should get what it's due for reaching there.


Now I wonder if ToB puts other caps to other innate abilities like Barbarian's resistance to slashing, crushing,piercing and missile or the Wizard Slayer's resistance to Magic and so on...


Can you guys tell me if such caps exist and what classes/kits' innate ability they effect and - most importantly - if they can be removed by patching some .2DA file or something similar.


Please don't tell me that we need to hack the .EXE! :suspect:

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All this kind of information is in each kit's CLAB file. Monk's don't have a rule that says 'every level you get 3% magic resistance', what they have is an entry every level that says 'get 3% magic resistance'. So to remove the cap you just add those entries for levels past level 20.

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Thanks for your info! Problem is that I have no idea what a CLAB file is...Can you perhaps tell me its extension so that I can check it in Near Infinity (which is the only tool I know a little) ? Thank you again, Grim! :suspect:

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