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Some thoughts on Amber

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First let me say that I :down: Amber


I had originally intended to test this mod in a SoA runthrough while waiting for other mods. The time I spent playing it has been time well spent.


I am normally wary of fully voiced mods. Honestly, I would rather have an unvoiced mod that a poorly voiced one. That said, the quality of voicing in this mod was, on the whole, very good. It wasn't perfect (some of the lines were a little slow IMHO), but it was excellent, especially considering that this is a mod we're talking about, not a professionally made (and funded :love: ) product.


Overall, I found the writing to be of very high quality, walking the line between action, dialougue, and innuendo. Any typos or grammatical errors didn't stand out or noticably detract from the final product. The "quest" to get the right permit to release Amber was deliciously tongue-in-cheek. (though I happened to play it after a similar experience at the local Department of Licensing ... ugh) Amber's kidnaping quest was also rather well-done. The items introduced were interesting but not overpowering (Though I should point out that Korgan + Berzerker rage + Necklace of opposite alignment + Azurage = death of all undead) I had a little problem with the first fight against Lorraine outside of the palace though. I cast emotion on her rendering her unconscious. But my tanks couldn't kill her, of course. I had to wait for her to wake up and use some potions :p


The music was a good choice for Amber. It was exoctic and spicy, but subtly pleasing - just like Amber herself.


Throughout the romance, Amber was well characterized and felt very "real." That little fight between her and <Charname> was just adorable btw. The bath scene was interesting, though I have to wonder why Korgan and Valygar came up as much as Amber. :D


I haven't tried the player 2 romance, but I imagine there would be a significant amount of new content since many p1 talks revolve around the "taint" both characters possess. Without this sort of equality, the p2 romance could take a significantly different shape.


Overall, very good job here! I look forward to playing through to try out the p2 romance.


Now let's get some ToB content so <Charname> can stay mortal to be with Amber


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Thank you! :suspect:


Yep, I see how that could happen with Lorraine, but the only alternative that I can think of, would be to make her immune to all mind alerting spells. If I'll let her fight without minHP item she'll never get to say her piece. :down:

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Would like to add my two cents.


This has been the first time I've managed to play through BG2:SoA (never got into it when I first bought it, stopped after Underdark when I managed to push myself to play it a second time; started a new game a few days ago). Downloaded Amber while looking for some NPC mods etc to enhance interaction as I felt that interaction between the PC and the party NPCs dies off quite quickly.


Let me just say, it was a worthy download (and so far, the only one).


The way she is introduced and developed as a character and romantic interest (haven't tried the friendship or PC2 path as of yet) I find quite well done; her being withdrawn at first and then opening up to you. The conversations were interesting and especially at first I found it a challenge to see what kind of responses would hone the best results. The flirting on both sides keeps things interesting during long stretches without NPC interaction, although it doesn't compare to having a conversation with her.


The voice acting is quite good, although the voice acting of a few misc. characters were not to my liking. Amber herself was very well done. The musical theme fits well with the character and although I find it tends to blend into the background (unless it starts off just as she's walking over to you to converse) as others have said, it is quite nice when focused on.


When it comes to combat, she's an amazing character early on, but when it comes to tanking melee damage creatures she declines in the later stages of the game (I couldn't get her AC past -1 with a spear.... but considering this is the first time I played through SoA, I'm sure she could be improved if I did all the things I haven't done so far)


The pacing of character development is very steady and believable. However, I find that sometimes she just burst fires you with conversations or flirts. I believe after leaving the Underdark she fired off two-three conversations and one flirt within less than half an hour. Although I'm completely useless at coding and have no idea how IE works, I'm fairly sure you can't do much about this though. (Or it would take effort I'm sure you could expend in more important areas).


Things I'd like to see:


ToB content. Would love to play through ToB with Amber. I'll probably start a new game until then and come back to this particular one when / if this comes out.


More interaction or development as the end of the game approaches. Although I realise it's hard to add even more to an already vivid character, it'd be nice to see some love confessions or lengthy conversations near the end of the game.



Other than that, great work :). Enjoyed playing through BG2, especially Chapter 2 / 3 and some parts of the Underdark with Amber (The banter she has with Viconia after you rest for the first time in the Drow tavern is worth a laugh). Also enjoyed playing through BG2 for the first time as well, of course :).

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